Heroism : The thing about life.

Sameer”.Β He turned back to find his father coming over to him calling his name.

In his mid-60s, his father had no sign of old age except for his wrinkled face.He seemed to be a self-possessed and confident person. His musculature and walking mannerism with his head held high were a clear sign of his military past. Military veterans, however, are known to be more concerned about their character than their personality and reputation. He was a man of well-built character and beliefs.
Sameer,aged 34, was the youngest in his family. He generally visited home once a year.
But over the years, he wore a strange look on his face. As if he knew everyone wholly but no one ever knew him. He was not cold, he just restricted himself to open up. He kept his thoughts confined to him.

“Son !”
Sameer’s thoughts were shaken with his father calling him twice. He smiled to his father in response.

‘Water level continues to rise. It’s all over the news. It’s time for high tide, don’t go too near to shore on ghats”, advised his father with the clear reflection of concerns in his eyes.

It was always amusing for Sameer, the way his father knew what his sons are up to.

He nodded and left.

It was already dusky outside. People were leaving their houses to offer the evening prayer to Ganga Maiya. Despite the rumors of dangerous high tides, there was no significant reduction in the number of devotees walking towards the ghats. Like his father, every individual in his city were made of beliefs.

As he walked past the streets, he noticed the same old man on crutches with one leg. Sameer has been noticing this brown eyed, self-made man for years now. The old man showed no sign of helplessness on his face and passed a welcoming smile to Sameer.

He smiled back with no sign of familiarity at all.

The old man could clearly see the restlessness in Sameer’s steps while he walked past him. Apparently, a force dragged the parched soul somewhere.

The Dream

He sat on the wet sand locking his arms around his knees stock. He looked into the infinity beyond the waves without a blink of eyes. His thoughts were unstable. There was something which made his soul feel heavy. He was seeking answers to the questions which he could never ask anyone.

His thoughts about the universe were shaken. He continued to stare into the infinity. He felt as if right at this moment in his life he was driving along a bumpy, muddy road and losing control of the steering wheel completely, and being tossed off the road into the dirt. The wheels kicked up some dirt, but he still was not able to start the ride. No matter how tightly he gripped the wheel, no matter how hard he tried to drive straight, something kept him jerking to the sideways every time. He felt very little control over anything anymore. And at the same time, the struggle with his motorbike became too much tiring thatΒ he considered to give up and let whatever tragedy comes the way.
The motorbike here is a metaphor for his own life.
His thoughts once again were disturbed by a loud devilish sound. He returned to his senses and could barely believe what he just saw. Tides. Huge and devilish. Waves about to crash.

Before he could think twice he was trapped. Waves tossed him up in the air only to pull him back into it. He knew the end was soon but he wanted to live, to survive, to get back to life.
And between all these helplessness and desires, what he saw was even more devastating.
Maa! Papa! His inner voice cried.
His family was in front of his eyes,on the shore, all of them unaware of what just has happened.
Still, Sameer did not cry for help. He called no one for help. Maybe he wanted to but he did not utter a word and let go the control of the motorbike, that is, his life.

..To be continued.


32 thoughts on “Heroism : The thing about life.

  1. Deep thoughts, meaningful, interesting but i find quite unrealistic in the end, anywayz waiting for the remaining part


  2. You are a talented writer.why you choose to tell the story with a male character?Isn’t it difficult for a women to imagine how a man thinks πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pratyusha. Thanks for the follow back. I am sure I will come across some great stuff on your blog. 😊
      Sameer is a closely felt imaginary person, but I certainly feel some kind of imaginary connection with this character, somehow inspiring me through In’s and Out’s of the life. 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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