Creator’s dilemma.

The idea was devastating, yet thrilling. He foresaw the consequences that may occur.
It was all about the idea in his mind.
An idea, when it is placed within your mind and your mind seems to accept it, you eventually accept the effects of it as well.
What is more important is not only the implementation of the idea but the constitution of a system which will supervise the unpleasant consequences of its implementation.

And so, many light years ago, he had already put the theory of karma in place.

Today, he is all shattered and disappointed.
The greatest creation of him has left him in the mid of nowhere.
He once anticipated love and harmony. He always knew love can never be dangerous.
It survives and let everything else survive. He wanted to create the replicas of love which was brightening his own soul in the universe like a moonlight.
But what he could never know before was that the anticipation of love could be dangerous.

He created lives. He created Mankind – the greatest creation of him, The Lord.

He created man. Man, in turn, created caste, creed, religion, greed, hatred, distrust, contempt, corruption, boundaries, war and enough reasons to kill and die for.
Altruism is now taken over by narcissism. Love has become a cliche and harmony prevails only in the books.
Fellow human being has taken over the job of karma. One decides the fate of other.
He looks down and observes how his own idea has disappointed him majorly.

Misanthropes ! What have I done? Sighed Shiva, The lord.


11 thoughts on “Creator’s dilemma.

  1. I feel it has to be for target audience or for the people who believes in the 4th dimension. For me I am always inclined towards mystical,occult,spiritual writings. Prabhupada call’s these kind of Human as rascals. I feel Shiva is never disappointed.- because he only created the sex life from Adrdhanareswari as Brahma was unable to hold his creation on universe for long as everyone was getting salvation as there there was no Maya (illuison) effect. We all are under his control, with the will power to change only our state of mind by Hare Krishna Mantra. I have written just to put my view, please ignore if you don’t like. You must be deep into knowing why?when?how?
    Our passion is what we like to do or give extra mile to it and what we do is sometimes compulsion or flow of time that’s seems to be with you:).

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    1. It was just the 4th dimension. Considering the today’s condition, a completely fictional scenario.
      A child not on to the path of good deeds and with no wisdom, sometimes disappoints the parents. They get saddened. Though they can’t disown their child. It’s completely a viewpoint from that angle. No offence. Creators, like parents, can sometimes be disappointed, I guess.
      But I’m impressed with knowledge and I would certainly want you to help me and share the sources. Few books/articles, if you can share. 😊😊
      Thanks a lot for an amazing insight.


  2. Agreed, because our birth is to improve our Sachit and Agami karma. Prarabdha Karma is inevitable. He who knows the path is liberated and is not again born in this mortal world. I am not a gyani but with my humble knowledge I will be happy to share the sources with you. πŸ™‚ . You know when you become a devotee of Shiva sooner or later, you will be attracted to Krishna.. as Shiva is the greatest devotee of Krishna. We get the energy of god we pray eventually. Shiva – Committed, Detached, Devotee.

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  3. Great…
    Only a few good writter can define the things in this way, may be its fictitious
    But its a fact for present days situation.
    An absolute example of perfect Writting.

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  4. I agree with Tarun Agarwal – you have portrayed todays unhealthy culture to perfection. It is rather scary at times. Thanks for visiting my place Anushka and I look forward to following you and reading more insightful posts. Kind regards.

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