Life at peace.

Maybe someday, the wait will be ultimately over. The anticipations and the happenings will finally coincide. Sleepless nights will no longer exist. The mind and the heart will be intimately in peace with each other. No baiting, no battle. Mind agrees to what heart says and the heart feels what mind says. Maybe, that day onwards, our mind will start floating as freely as a corpse on the upper level of the water in a world full of anticipations and uncertainties. How beautiful the life would be that day when thoughts travelling light years distance in a split second will cause no restlessness to the heart. 

Maybe on that day we will realise that finishing a chapter of life could be as exciting as beginning a new one. Every finishing chapter of life would open the scopes for the new one, without having to lose the connect with the past chapters. Pain will still remain but we will rise over it. Maybe on that day, we will accept pain as a poor cousin of the life and will embrace it as indifferently as any other aspects of life. Not getting the job we prepared for, not marrying the person we loved or not clearing the examination we studied for. Life may remain unfair but maybe someday, we will be so much in peace with our lives that we accept the way it has always been, whole-heartedly.
Maybe on that day, we will start living our lives before we die. Maybe on that day, the wait will be over.


46 thoughts on “Life at peace.

    • Thank you so much. 😍😊
      What more a person who has just started to write would ask for. Making someone to think after they have read some pieces of words clubbed together, is the best compliment one can get.

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  1. Pain & happiness felt simultaneously. Beautifully phrased struggle between heart & mind,life & death. Making peace with oneself is an ultimate peace.

    Keeping going gal 🙂 Will be waiting for your next blog 🙂

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  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I appreciate your words, which are well written. Life won’t change, it’s our attitude towards it that must change for us to find peace and happiness. You wrote of reality and how to make peace with it. Well done.

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    • I am so elated to read the words of appreciation from you. Means a lot. Thank You so much. I am looking forward to read your wonderful posts.
      Rightly said, we are in peace with our life when our approach towards it changes and our acceptance to the life happenings are broadened.

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