The Glorious Win.

Life, sometimes,

is all about burying the beautiful past


Plant a new tree on the same soil,

so that the roots of a new tomorrow,
cherishes the past.

For not all the things,

which is left unachieved

and unattained and unaccomplished,

needs to be quoted as

‘unworthy beginning’.

Sometimes, unattained is a glorious win.

Let’s believe in the tale we have heard

in our childhood days.

That a star, like you and me, somewhere dies.

To fulfill the wishes of many.


21 thoughts on “The Glorious Win.

  1. Beautiful.! We all need to bury our past at some point and start fresh. Love the cover photo of the woman and the water.!! Is it you.? Breathtaking. Also, thank you for the blog follow πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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