The intimacy of words !


Ever shared a glance of love
through the words?
They do not meet,
They do not talk frequently.
But yet they shared
the mostย intimateย bond ever;

We look at the stars
In our isolations.
And we fall in love
with those stars,
which are contained in the depth of a dark night.
Though we can’t touch the stars,
But we feel the soothing mark
It leaves in our sight
and on our soul.

Same way,
They don’t meet,
But the words theyย exchange,
embraces their soul,
As if nothing is left.
Nothing to be spoken, nothing to be heard.

Like the Sun and the Moon,
The Song and the Music,
they never met, yet,
complimented and beautified
each other’s existence.

Same is the love they share,

throughย the most intimate bond,



Picture Courtesy: #Pinterest


25 thoughts on “The intimacy of words !

  1. Anushka, I alwayz feel enjoy to read your Blogs, which is Really well-written and your Power of using some perfect Words at perfect time ( As a Writter)
    is really great.
    And Through this Kind of Writting,
    U just proved your Respect, Love and Using power towards WORDS.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An explosion of creative talent is very evident from your blog posts Anushka Mishra! Yet another intriguing blog post/poem . Worth reading most definitely! The power of words is indeed unmatched.

    Liked by 1 person

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