The Last Rain.

It rained almost every day but today it was something different.

Today it rained mostly inside her.

She reached the cafe before the agreed time.

The head waiter offered her a table facing the glass window but she chose to grab a chair in the open courtyard, in the rain.

She looked at her cell phone and then at the entrance.

Her restlessness reached a new height today.

She took a sip of the water from the glass which the waiter with a black umbrella had just brought for her.

“Are you sure you want to sit in the rain?” Asked the concerned waiter.
“Yes, Sir. By all means. I will place the order in some time.”
The waiter left with a smile.

She hurriedly picked one pen from inside her handbag and started doodling on the almost wet tissue paper.
Doodling helped to calm down her restless soul.

She somehow knew it could be the last time she sees him and this realisation killed the anxiety and excitement she would generally feel before meeting him. IFs and BUTs continued to play with her mind while she made a doodle of him on the tissue paper.

“You catch a cold too often, you could have shown self-mercy by sitting inside.” The most pleasant voice echoed inside her subconscious.
She looked up. “Ah, you are finally here.”

I’m on time, you seem to have arrived way earlier to enjoy the rain.”
She loved his wits.
Before she could start to convince him, he held her wet hands firmly.

It acted like a slow death to her.

How badly she is going to miss those gestures which helped her to relax even on the toughest hours.

She looked up. Penetrating through his eyes, she could only see a helpless goodbye.
She knew he had to go.

She knew he can’t fake a promise to stay.

His clarity of words and actions were his most possessed characteristics. No matter how tough the time for him, challenges never out-shadowed his basic nature which made him different and special.

But today, It was an equally tough day for him too. He could not hold for long. He got up.
“I will drop you home!”

She picked up her handbag, cell phone, and the wet tissue paper, trying hard to avoid the eye contact with him.
It was still raining like never before.
He started to walk. They didn’t hold hands this time.

She followed him, walking by his shadow cast by the street lights.

She now knew they were never supposed to walk with hands held together.

He was meant to lead her through the correct roadways.
He was meant to get her home whenever she felt lost.

She followed him like a year old child will follow his mother, knowing she will guide him through whatever comes the way.

She smiled in relief as she walked behind him, she looked up at the sky and thanked the most beautiful rain and even prettier night of her life.


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