❤ Love Anyway ❤

Amidst all the possibilities it offers,
Life never fails to frighten us with little despair and heartbreaks.

But keep that little love alive,
and a little faith burning in your heart

because the world is a cold place,
you shall need to feel the warmth of a self-created universe in your mind.

Keep your eyes lighten with dreams, some old and many new.
Keep dreaming, more of daydreaming,
not because you got to transform them into realities
Because unfulfillment of dreams will signify your existence.

It will keep you alive.
It will keep you fighting.
It will keep you moving.

Love the prayers you offered but were not answered.
Love the profession you chose but couldn’t succeed.
Love the tunes you tried but couldn’t play.
Love the expectations you kept but couldn’t be fulfilled.
Love everything you wanted but couldn’t achieve.
For that will spellbind the hope and Love of our juniors, our next generations,

In the Humanity, In nature and In the God, The supreme being.
Love. Love Anyway.


27 thoughts on “❤ Love Anyway ❤

  1. Love is the absence of judgements.
    Though I had to use Google to know the meaning of the phrase in english. So beautifully quoted, you either judge or love. Can’t do both at the same time.
    Thanks, for your beautiful comment. 😊😍😇


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