Tickled !

Her curls

tickled his face,

nd his beard

tickled hers.

Now the memories 
of their past..

tickles them to laugh,

Separately !!!


26 thoughts on “Tickled !

      1. …Thanks a ton.
        Seriously, it means a lot. Never knew.. a platform, with all unknown faces could pull the motivation this high at times. We already have enough reasons to smile, these add few more to the list. 🙂

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      2. Actually I am a student with genuine interests in financial sector like stock exchange and all…… I am currently stuck as to what to do after my graduation gets over this year….. Was wondering if you could help me out……
        Thank you

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      3. Hey… Apologies for the delayed reply. So you are doing your grads in commerce?
        If you want to get into the field of stock exchange or Equity Research,
        M.Com or MBA in Finance will do (with good knowledge in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management).
        I’m more interested in Financial Reporting.

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      4. And if you are ready to put in even more efforts, do Chartered Accountancy. But I feel, for getting into stock exchange thing, you not necessarily need to do CA. MBA in finance from a good college will do.

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