I dub thee Unforgiven !!

Picture Courtesy: gun5nr0s3s (YouTube)

I have heard 


Somewhere, quoting..

In order to make peace

With ourselves..

We must accept the apologies 

Which were never made.

I try hard. 

I agree to make peace with the

Little and lame things,

That broke my heart once,

Which made me question my

Own existence, precisely.

They cut off 

my wings of imaginations

And restrained my freedom to fly.

I had an option to rebel, to bait.


I chose to crawl instead.

They labelled me, 

they tagged me.

They made me to stay awake,

They said my dreams were impossible.

What I quoted beautiful,

They called it dark.

I didn’t care, 

Forbidden and Ignorants,

Are gifted with a blind soul.

Not because they have earned it,

But because they know No beauty.

Least they knew, Dark is beautiful.

For Dark absorbs everything within it.

I still am not ready,

To accept the hypocrisy and duality

Which the world around..

offered to me from time to time.

I penned and spoke,

What came to my mind in first place.

Good or bad, I always expressed.

I deny to attain peace

By accepting the apology never meant.

I would rather make peace

By keeping myself untouched

With the coaxed words,

And overrated hypocrisy.

I have, now, a longing to remember,

When and where, my life happened, favourably or unfavourably.

I deny to forgive. I refuse to forget.

22 thoughts on “I dub thee Unforgiven !!

    1. I believedand I still believe. To Err is human, to forgive, Divine.
      I still believe in little unforgiveness, to the degree an error is distinguished from the sin. Forgiveness will mean generosity, but some forgiveness opens the scope of more and more errors, which is inhuman and beyond any justification. 😊☺


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