Soulful Conversations !

Their little and heartfelt conversations,

Soaked in the unearthly Love, 

Hiding the mourning cry

Of physical separation,

Opens the windows of heavenly Joys.

They see the time stopping by

Through that window..

And the Time holds a cardboard in it’s hands

Which reads “Memoria ! “

They re-visit the gone moments

Each time, 

With their soulful conversations.


29 thoughts on “Soulful Conversations !

  1. Was always perplexed with love. But the way it ignites creativity, how mere mortals when meet become the others most cherished trophy each of them can possess. Much can be said but nothing matches the spark of creativity and beauty in words it brings in the minds of people in love. I believe some inherent talent is necessary, but love acts more than a catalyst.

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    1. Everything looks alike, yet the true love feels so unearthly. No wonder, Love acts like a catalyst, not only to spark the creativity but to turn around the whole concept of viewing things. 😊😊


      1. I definitely picked up the bond and separation. I have a friend I haven’t seen in 20 years but will always have that history conversing through memories and fondness. πŸ™‚

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