Locked-Unlocked-Released : The First Kiss.

September Rains..!!

Courageous heart has won over the scared mind. Man pulls his crying lady, locks her into his arms.

Doors of her heart were closed. He wondered, Why? And then he took the longest route through her eyes.

He looked deep into her wet eyes, he found her dreams slave and dying. 

The lady just seemed to be breathing and not living.

The Man was merry and full of life. The Lady was locked and very much lost.

The Man knew it was the time. He rested his lips on hers, and they kissed..like the first rain of the monsoon touching the dry grasses..

Like the leaves of a ‘Touch me not’ plant collapses with the sensation of a touch,

Doors of her heart and the wings of her dreams were wide opened with his touch.

She could breath and she could live, with her body feeling light, mind being fearless and the soul released.


24 thoughts on “Locked-Unlocked-Released : The First Kiss.

  1. Beautiful! And I believe it works both ways. It happened to me just like the words of a Kristofferson song:

    “Waking in the morning with the feeling of her fingers on my skin,
    Wiping out the traces of the people and the places that I’ve been.”

    Love your blog, Richard

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  2. Metaphorically speaking, when I read this poem I considered a person who is a “touch me not” developing this practice due to life’s suffering and trans. Until someone took the time to touch their soul then their body. Then, the closely held ritual withered into oblivion. I can identify with the emotions felt from reading this poem for reasons unknown.

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    1. You gotta believe me here. You have summed up the whole story here, that’s too through a short poem like this. And this not only says a lot about you being a great reader but I too got some confidence about my writing. That’s the thing about writing and reading. What we write, must be read with the same feelings and emotions as writers. Same emotions and meanings of the writing must be deciphered by the readers.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I am looking forward to read your posts now.


    1. Such positive feedbacks coming from an Author herself is a big compliment. Thank you so much.
      ‘Touch me not’ is a plant whose leaves shrinks/ folded Inside when touched.
      Also, how important it is to write in the way that reader relates to what he/she reads. I try putting myself in the girl’s character while I write, to give the writing a touch of reality. 😊😊


  3. Exceptional..
    In the way u describe the things, anybody who read this blog would like to feel.
    One more thing, with setting an example with Lajwanti leafs (Bionamial name- Mimosa Pudica) u showed some respect to plants 🌲. And that’s also a very good Mishra jee

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