Life: A Different Dimension.

A little change in the perspective might change the whole meaning of life for us. It might add new dimensions to the stage of life and we may start playing our roles more enthusiastically, absorbing and releasing more positive energies.

In an amazingly created movie Dead Poet’s Society”, Lt. Robin Williams suggests his students to get on the desk periodically and try looking at the things around from the different angles, different perspectives.

Beautiful concept ! Isn’t it?
Ever wondered what happens after we die?
What if after we die, we confront our creator and he asks us,

“So, how was the heaven?”

“Did you recognize any of the Gods who crossed your path in your lifetime?”

“How many times you smiled just because of the reason that you are alive?”

Got answers? No? Neither do I.
Death can be an exciting yet shocking confrontation with all the theories we got wrong about life. Maybe!
What if we get to know after death that Altruism is a bad karma?
And that God has programmed every living person’s system in such a way that everybody is solely responsible for keeping himself happy and meeting ends to make his own life joyful and beautiful?

Ah, A beautiful thought. 
If everyone works on keeping himself happy, ultimately there would be no sad soul in the world. 

Adding two two’s together makes it a four. Two happy people together will create more Joys in their lives. 

Agreeing to love and care for ourselves first and then loving others will leave No unloved  person in the world. Everyone will be loved and will be taken care of.

Life Could be so easily wonderful with some changed perspectives. Won’t it be?

But then there is the Catch-22.

You will be dead by the time you wait to confront your Creator someday and him asking you these (and many of the similar kind) questions.

Why don’t we ideally agree to take a step ahead, outside the box, breaking the conventions, destroying the stereotypes?

Food for the thought !


45 thoughts on “Life: A Different Dimension.

  1. उम्र *जन्नत* में रह कर उसे उजाड़ने में गुज़ार दी ….,
    और जिहाद बस इस बात की थी, की मरने के बाद *जन्नत* मिले…

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  2. That is exactly what is needed : to see things from a different prospective, away from mundane materialistic life which refuses to take a pause! May the true purpose of our lives ,amidst everything , beckon on us.A baby step is better than no step at all, I agree with you. Great times!

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    1. Thank you so much, Sir.
      Getting feedbacks from you on my posts is like getting the expert’s comment.
      Rightly said. If we choose to love ourselves first, we will have lowered expectations from others and we will be capable of loving others with almost No expectations.
      Won’t it make life beautiful? A little change in perspective, a baby step today will make the whole difference to the way we see life. 😊

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    1. Exactly. You got the point dear. No sad soul makes other soul happy. The whole idea of life and happiness can be altered with little change in the perspective. Loving and caring for yourself, helps lowering our expectations from others. And we are capable to love others without holding much expectations. 😊

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  3. I think you are right. How can we make others happy when we are unhappy ourselves? It all starts with making sure you are happy first. Like on an airplane, when the oxygen masks drop down, the instructions are to use the mask first before you help those around you. You can’t help others if you are not breathing! So wear your own happy mask. Smile! Then spread that love around…

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  4. Buddhism teachings express the idea to live for now. To make this place the happy good place. this is your paradise and not really to do things so that you will be happy and have paradise after death
    but then I don’t dwell on such things. I have been having a running blog post in my head for weeks along this same subject.
    as a photographer, I look for other perspectives and I listen to others views. I may not agree, but I will listen.
    I have heard, if you don’t love yourself first, then how can you love another?
    good post!

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    1. You have put the whole content in a beautiful way. Loved it. And when you intend to make your life beautiful by choosing to love yourself first, you automatically give up hurting others. Thank you for visiting dear. Keep well. 😊

      – Anushka

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  5. Ah yes, that happiness thing. “If everyone works on keeping himself happy, ultimately there would be no sad soul in the world.” There is one huge problem with that. Already you have thousands of people solely concerned about making and keeping themselves happy. They are called “the elites” and how many people are exploited, extorted from, and forced to die of preventable causes is of no concern of these hedonists. “The pursuit of happiness” is not a legitimate pursuit but a trap and a dead end into despair simply because real happiness only exists to the degree that someone else is made unhappy. That is also food for thought.

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    1. Oh yes. That’s true. But we have a totally different scenario ahead of us which we experience or hear of everyday. They are not hedonists, they are self-centred beings who are working for themselves, not to make them happy but to attain “out of reach” contentment. They are exploiting other people.
      But the perspective I have talked about doesn’t focus those selfish people whom we face in reality, almost everyday, indulged in making life beautiful through selfish ways.
      Henceforth I talk about love, the love that we embrace others with, how about embracing ourselves first, with the same love?
      The pursuit of happiness may be achieved without hurting or making somebody else unhappy.
      Making ourselves happy can be our sole responsibility with power. And every power comes with some duties. If only we never forget the duties, life could be beautiful. 😊

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  6. Yes very Thought Provoking. To take a step outside the box, to change our Perspective, to look from a different angle.
    And Yes, if we all Loved Ourselves and Others, there would be No More Onloved People.
    Meeting God after Death and answering him, will be scary.

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  7. You have spoken from my heart too and for sure you will meet your Creator but isn’t he here with us all the time taking care of us and Death is inevitable but it is a celebration and Life is moving. Superb I just loved each and every word of yours. I have no words to say anymore. Keep the faith and hold on to him not now but for all times.

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    1. Hello dear, welcome back !! 😊
      True that. He is around us all the time, just we have to locate him around ourselves.. in another human being, or a leaf or in anyone.. the taxi driver, the Security guards…anybody, just anybody ! 😊
      It’s a wonderful feeling to know our thoughts coincide.
      Thanks for investing time on each post of mine. I really appreciate it. 😊
      Keep well, dear.


  8. Certainly food for thought on perspectives that need change.
    If we had to dwell on loving and knowing the creator than truly we would be able to love in His way. And knowing His love and that He loves us unconditionally we would be able to love ourselves wholly. Now knowing that you are attuned To Him who is above all and everything, wouldn’t you be able to love another without seeking any returns? I guess we’d call that love and happiness.

    Best to you.


    1. Perfectly put. And that is exactly what I have tried to say in my post and in earlier comments on this post. Once we learn to love ourselves, we are attuned to the Mighty and henceforth, we will be able to love without expecting anything. 😊😊

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  9. A different perspective is essential to change life, but an amazing perspective mentioned by you will change the paradigm of human life. I liked the questions you put up in this blog ?? Those questions are so frightening, what if they are true, well I am going to think about them a lot.
    I also do believe that we are capable to love someone only when we love Our self first.
    Great work!!!

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