Discretion: The Greatest Act of Valor.

A few months old baby crawls to the burning lamp and touches the glass.
Ouch! Shrieked. 

It did cause a burning sensation to those tiny, spongy fingers.
The baby might or might not cry in pain. But there his mind gets a signal.

Don’t touch this yellow colored glass lamp. It might hurt.”

We are supposed to practice discretion right from the moment we are born.
A new born suspends crying in Mom’s lap is also an act of discretion based on the faces it sees around itself for days, actions it notices and affection it receives.

There is a very thin line between a step forward and a step backward.
That is the line of discretion.

When to make a move, when to hold yourself back, when and What to speak, how to act.
And there comes the role of clarity of thoughts and different perspectives.
I am sure what I am going to do right now is Right for me.
No one can force their perceptions upon us.

People might have varied definitions of the Wrong and the Right.
But If I can afford to take some moment out to rephrase the outcome of what I am going to do right after this moment while enabling my mind with the perceptions of my loved ones, I might get different outcomes and that may change the whole game. I may like to give a second thought before I act in a particular way.

We can not judge a character who would have existed thousands of years ago, using our lens of morality and ethics. We got to be in the shoes of others to see what is lying ahead of them.

No power or the responsibilities gives a person authority to lose his own Brothers and Wife in a game of Dice, come what may!

The Great War of Kurukshetra (Probably) would never had been fought, had ‘Yudhishtira’ knew his line of discretion in the game of Dice he played.

You can not bet on your wife, even for the sake of upholding the Dharma.

Easy said than done!

You tickle a person, he laughs. Prolonged tickling may cause death, too.
All you need to understand is – When to stop, when to hold yourself back from doing something.
And that is the Act of discretion,
An Act of Valor!

32 thoughts on “Discretion: The Greatest Act of Valor.

  1. Hi Anushka, I have read through “The Greatest Act of Valor” three times now and I am truly impressed by what you say. The fact that my perceptions are a product of my unique perspectives has caused me to judge where the judgment was not mine to make. Thank you for the clarity of your thoughts and words. Rich

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    1. Hi Richard, thank you for your kind words. We all, at some point of time, does make judgements where it was solely based on our perspectives. Which, however, may affect the person or situation we have judged.
      We are human and a living human (a human with his conscience) will always keep himself open to the scope of self growth and learning. Best to you.

      — Anushka

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      1. πŸ™‚ Dear Friend,

        I was greatly encouraged to receive your response to my initial suggestion. Many thanks for reviewing and providing suggestions in regards to both the negative and positive sides to it. its honor to meet you , i am lucky

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