The Third Eye Of A Sole Survivor!

All of us are
Separate entities as Individuals. 
No one can make us feel happy or sad,
Or restless, disgusted or broken
Until we use our senses to feel
And behave so.
Individually, we all have
our own ways of coping 
With the Time Old Mystery 
Of what happens 
When we pass on, or even the worst,
When we are on verge of The End.
What will happen? what might happen? 

 This is my way of thinking. 
How I'm coping personally,
With my own upset self. 
How I handle myself and
Manage the constant pain 
And deal with the 
Heartache and the disappointments.

 I honestly believe
That we do live on
As separate entities. 
With time flying,  
I have conceived an Idea that,
Sooner or later, 
We are all spiritual beings,
But different entities
With human experiences. 
We establish relationships
To learn more about
Ourselves and the processes
That we follow till the end.

 We all help each other,
To grow into a denser branch
Of intelligence
With more and more leaves
Of knowledge.

Our emotions are the paintings
That we draw, looking at the faces 
we love and the faces we dislike,
Whole our lives,
Using the brush of expectations.

 Spirituality, not as in religiously,
But Learning about the pain, 
And how to live humbly,
How to keep patience with
The Time and the Faith.

 So when my time comes,
 After I have perfectly used 
My senses to attain spirituality,
I will not be offering 
Any kind of refusal to death.
To my great influence,
I would rather
Meet the horizon with 
A heartfelt peace, serenity,

And a willing acceptance.

34 thoughts on “The Third Eye Of A Sole Survivor!

    1. Well put, Sir. Nothing heals. Neither another human being nor the Time. Loss of a loved one gives a purpose to some to do well in life while there are some who stay mourning. Either way, its how we harness our senses. Nothing knows us better than the way we ourselves do. Everything else is a supporting function.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thought. They are always welcome. 😊😊

      — Anushka

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  1. I am so so happy as I keep reading your words …I resonate strongly with this thought process. Everything and every person comes our way to reflect back the different aspects in us, waiting for evolution. With this poem, you are helping me reaffirm my intention of going out of physical, with utmost peace, because I have lived every moment to the fullest, in pain and pleasure, and as you say my senses are fully used up in fulfillment or aware restraint. Thank you.

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    1. Hello PD !! Like many others, Life is mine favourite topic tk talk about. As I read more and more people Writing about it, I keep learning. I have an urge to learn about the functioning of this whole system called Life. How emotions does change? why time changes but the things that occurred in past time could never be changed? About the Society.. about we as individuals..
      There is so much to know, so much to learn. No matter what we know, what we write.. it’s never enough.

      Thank you, PD, for reading. Have a great day. Love to you and the younger ones of family. 😊😍

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      1. I am with you then, living and learning that which is called life 🙂 he more I try to learn, the more I discover to unlearn though …good thing is none of it is ever enough …so we can keep going 🙂 Love, ease and joy to you!

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  2. I sat with my mother as she lay dying. Years later it was my father’s turn. Unlike my mother who accepted her imminent passing with grace, acceptance, and fortitude my father was terrified. I spent many hours on the phone with him (we lived thousands of miles away by this time). I think when his time finally did come he was much more at peace. I have known many people who have died and found that nobody goes until they are truly ready for it. I love the idea your post expresses. I think spirituality plays an important role in how we face life. None of us are free from challenges, whether big or small, but how we react is our choice.

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for choosing me to share the story with. You know, it means a lot. And might be this is what is giving me a sense of self appreciation for the first time. Had I not written this post, I might would not have earned a comment from you.
      You got the theme of the post. We use our senses to attain spirituality. And until we don’t attain spirituality, we won’t be able to harness our emotions. Thank you so much, Carol.
      This is one of the finest thing I read today.

      Love, Anushka


    1. That was enough of a compliment for the day. True that, there is always something new to consider as well as there is always a chance of reconsideration. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks a lot. 😊😊

      – Anushka

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