Blurred Morals.

Lost in her 
Sapiosexual Preoccupation,
She stared at the ceiling, 
trying to locate the horizon 
of the Infinity into the 
rough concrete texture of the ceiling.

As far as her eye-sights 
could travel, 
She could locate 
the Validators and Approvers 
of Morality everywhere. 

Yet across the miles away 
in her thoughts, 
She kept wandering with one 
unanswered question 
till the unending time.

" In any given Scenario,
Sharing your wife with 
another four brothers of your's.


Inability to obey 
the command of your Parents.

-- Which is more Immoral? "

14 thoughts on “Blurred Morals.

    1. Couldn’t agree more on this. Hugely depends on the kind of the morals we were raised with. I have just updated my post.
      “What if this moral dilemma is in one particular scenario?”

      Thank You so much for your Inputs. Means a lot. 😊😊

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  1. True.. is the fact that we valid the morals we were thought 💭 or what we grown up living and knowing..

    And yes .. when we get exposed to other ways of living and different cultures .. we have the right to change our views.. and think differently about our beliefs

    Liked by 1 person

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