A Writer’s Hero.

Crumpled dress,
Messed-Up hair,
Semi-organised thoughts.
Quite often she has hanged 
her dreams onto the edge.
She has written many stories.
She has lived many lives
In those stories.
There were chapters
In which she had to 
keep running.
Before she could reach 
the finishing line,
She ended up landing
to a new starting point,
Each time.
Many pages of her book
Were taken by others.
Few of them, 
she has kept passionately.
While she hoped 
to wash off the rest.
Her fingers are stained -
- Inked - Blue and black.
But when you meet her,
Hold her hand
And kiss those fingers.
When you meet her,
Know that 
you are her 'then-after'
And the 'Hero' of her book.


42 thoughts on “A Writer’s Hero.

      1. I can try a little to make it simple for you.. bear with me if I complex it further.
        This post is about any person who is in continuous process of writing the story of her life. Despite the phases, different chapters, many good..some bad.. the writer still waits for the ‘Hero’ of her story who would see all those stains she has got on her fingers while writing those stories of her life and would still kiss those fingers. 😊

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      1. Well tats the success of the artist isn’t?

        Its oil on canvas..

        Since you are passionate about words(Read the woman behind the words :P) , lets discover a lot.. In fact we can take/create a lot words from a painting.. Thats y i always feel paintings are integral part of a poetry. No boundaries for imaginations; Elastic…

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  1. On garde toujours des traces de la vie que nous avons partagΓ© avec les autres. Certaines blessures guerrissent mais les cicatrices restent comme l’encre indΓ©lΓ©bile qui reste sur les doigts de la main qu’on aime embrasser . AmitiΓ©s.

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  2. So lovely …sometimes she used to hang her dreams on the edge, many pages written by others …very nice composition of a journey of courageously trying to own the way of life, yet giving into the flow …starting over again and again ….

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