Breaking The Curse Of Being Skeptical.

They both have dreamt of a sky full of stars.
A soothing moonlight. Happy, winsome Air. Night long conversations about attainable dreams of a never-ending relationship.
He coupled his words with soothing gestures of caressing her from head to chin to her shoulders.
Those silent exchange of tenderness in the glances. Realizing the existence of heaven while embracing the reality of togetherness and compassion.
But as the wings of time start to get into the speed and those old age monsters of bed get into the picture, couples get more skeptical. They necessarily have to question everything.

Asking for a cup of tea might get you responses like
‘But you just had one an hour ago!’.

Different sets of disagreements for different intervals of a day. Questioning and doubting everything becomes more of a daily routine rather than a habit.

This is what happens when a discipline, modesty, and morality in the relationship would not be given equal importance along with the physical romance while raising the relationship old.
When a touch is felt physically as well as mentally, you go extra miles into the life and soul of a person. When love is not enough and words fall short!
A soulmate is created when in the earlier days of the relationship, your partner tries not only to touch the edges of your physical galaxy but every curve of your soul, every page of your breath and puts the bookmark where ever he/she thinks you make a great, breathtaking story.

Being Skeptical with time turns out to be a curse for old aged couples. Bed time monsters keep them apart owing to the time that demands the changes.
But when you abide by the discipline with which you both turned pages of your partner, touched the edges of their soul, you would hardly feel the necessity of feeling weak in the knees.
No matter how many years later, a gentle touch of your warm palm would still make her gradually close her eyes and fall asleep.
A little smile and exchanged eye gestures will replay all those stories which you both have shared with yourselves alone.

Travel the roads, cross the jungles, climb the mountains of each other’s soul in earlier days. This would ensure a discipline in love.
Physical love alone would only lead you to mourn over the monsters that you both would not be able to fight many years later.

Read each other. Understand each other. Touch the edges. Turn the pages.
Put bookmarks frequently. And then Love.
And then say you loved. And then say you still do.



22 thoughts on “Breaking The Curse Of Being Skeptical.

  1. La queue du diable

    Trois coups. Rideau

    Deux vieux dans une mon sarde

    Lui: m’as tu vu?
    Elle: non!
    Lui: et pourtant!
    Elle: quoi?
    Lui: j’Γ©tais prΓ¨s de toi
    Elle: ah! Bon
    Lui: tu le savais?
    Elle: non
    Lui: tu me les casses
    Elle: oui
    Lui: amène moi une tisane
    Elle: froide?

    Lui: c’est Γ§a toujours de glace
    Elle: chaude alors !
    Lui: tu tires le diable par la queue
    Elle : ho hisse
    Lui : ouille ouille pas celle lΓ 
    Elle : bien
    Lui : tu me prends pour le diable
    Elle : non
    Lui : alors elle vient cette tisane
    Elle : oui
    Lui : tu veux la boire?
    Elle : oui
    Lui : alors bonne nuit et cesse de ronfler



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