Distorting Minds.

As he picked up his pencils and canvas this morning, his mind drew while his hand just moved. Grip on the pencil was as tight as his thoughts at that moment. Isn’t it surprising how we gently pick up some people as if they are some mechanical object and distort their mind, their thinking and will change the complete functionality of their mind. By no means the person who has offered the flexible control of others on their is justifiable. They represent a lack of self control. They have a machine in their mind, easily processed and operated by others.

He continued sketching, thoughts hovering over the mindsets which acted monsters. Easily distorting. 

You walk into a room. You see a person lying on the bed, eyes closed. Supposedly sleeping. You walk barefoot inside the room, trying hard not to wake up the person.

With seconds passing to minutes, you turn back into the room and you now find the person awake, eyes open, taking sips of water from the glass kept beside his bed. 

All of a sudden you find yourself rich with the universal rights of being loud, talking loud, disturbing every cells of that person who you thought was sleeping minutes back. You thought the universe has sent you a signal to be loud, to be disturbing. You could hardly believe that the person would still be sleepy and he just needed few sips of water.

People who can distort the minds have a tendency of getting signals even if it is hardly available. A person being a listener to you doesn’t necessarily obligate himself/herself to listen to all the sick, stinky words you speak. 

He who wanted to drew something pleasant today, painted the distorted reality instead. 

Picture: Hanoquist (TheBatman)


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