Life And Death Goes Together.

Life is supposed to be lived 
and not to be understood.

One lifetime falls short 
to understand 
or know a person completely, 
how do we understand the life itself 
which stands so ruthlessly huge 
in front of us?

I have no fair intentions 
to understand Life either. 
I only keep making my judgements of it 
basis how it shapes up for me. 
Life and death 
always appeared to be 
two ends of the bridge. 
Little did I know 
that death goes hand in hand with life.

Every time I felt the separation, 
something did die in me. 
Some forced separations 
while some consciously chosen.

Either way, 
something in me always died, 
making me realise 
more of my existence 
as a depleting flesh around a Skelton.

Like a one-way train journey, 
life does stop at some stations 
only to move ahead later. 
With each departure, 
hope to get back 
to that station again ends. 
It dies. 
We keep moving on, 
least we realize 
what has died within us 
when we leave forever the place 
where we stayed for a while. 
Least we realize 
that every new hope 
assures some dead hopes.

Life and death can't be 
two different ends. 
They are what goes hand in hand.

36 thoughts on “Life And Death Goes Together.

  1. As you wisely conclude: “Life and death can’t be / two different ends. / They are what goes hand in hand.

    To live is to die. Yet, when death looms, we continue to ask: Why me?

    As climate change threatens the survival of the human species – as well as that of other species upon which our lives depend – we continue to live with the denial of death.

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    1. As Dan Brown perfectly quoted in “Inferno” :
      β€œThe human mind has a primitive ego defense mechanism that negates all realities that produce too much stress for the brain to handle. It’s called Denial.”
      Our denial doesn’t disapprove the existence of something. πŸ™‚
      Have a great day. πŸ™‚

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    2. I’m old, yet I don’t ask “Why me?” I ask “Why death?”….but the religion of my youth had/has no answers but faith and hope in the God of their own invention. More’s the pity that the answers which were good enough for millions of adherents who have gone before me leave me cold (not that I begrudge them the comfort that sustained them).

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  2. Even while enjoying the little pleasures in life, even while living in every moment we are supposed to be, the question haunts to no end, i.e, if we are to be died,why alive now…
    Your post is really thought provoing

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  3. Hey there ! hope you’re doing good πŸ™‚
    Death is the soul of life personified, so how can life without death exist ?, most trustworthy of all :). Death is a process of purification for the human soul. By death, I here not only mean the physical body’s end but also our fake ego of existence.
    Once a millionaire asked ‘Srila Prabhupad’ to comment on the beauty of the Twin towers (that existed prior to 9/11), Prabhupad smiled and said -‘ one day it is going to be the smallest building around’ . He certainly did not aim to predict the 9/11 but rather a sarcastic remark on the temporary nature of this world !. The greatest can become the smallest in no time πŸ™‚
    Death is special indeed !. Even the wealthiest person can come to the state of ‘Vairagya’ (temporary) while visiting a graveyard. The false ego that we carry around on our shoulders never allows us to think beyond our logic and the things we can’t explain, term them as miracles !, but each breath we take is a miracle indeed !, how many of us realize that and thank that super intelligence ?. We often have complains that we lack something but the reality is we can’t lack anything !. We are all born perfect !, its just that we are part of a simulation πŸ™‚ much like we watch with a V.R glass when watching a movie. Perfection is not attained by attaining worldly pleasures but by coming out of that simulation game which we have been put into.
    While watching a 3D movie we are aware that its a mere piece of coded logic running inside the RAM that’s creating the illusion but the day we realize that we are part of a bigger simulation :), there won’t be sufferings. Sadly this is not taught in schools. The one who helps you come out of the illusions is the real teacher.
    I was talking to an atheist friend of mine who happens to be a researcher, I asked him can you prove why god doesn’t exist ? .He said ‘Just because if he existed he would have listened to my prayers when I was jobless’. Years later I met him in a temple and he was smiling for he had got an excellent job. A perfect example of change and Ego .
    Desires have no boundaries, desires are the root cause of sufferings and then its a vicious cycle of looking for something which is indeed not present anywhere in the universe :).
    It can take more than 2, 3 lifetimes to learn from your experiences and reach a conclusion that is why the wise learn from the experiences of others :). You are the creator of your present ! and your future to be. I believe all desires are fulfilled by the universe, only it takes a bit of time but definitely all our wishes come true.. The funniest part is we don’t know what to ask for from the universe and usually create sufferings and endless cycle of life and death (to fulfill each of the hidden desires).
    That’s what Karma is in simple words. Well that’s some big topic..Have a great year ahead Anushka πŸ™‚


  4. Beautifully put, Anushka. I find that the more we try to alienate death – in conversation, in confrontation, in honoring, in knowing – the greater the fears that are held and perpetuated. I agree with you, that every separation in our lives holds within it some degree of, and insight into, death.. perhaps it’s a way for us to acknowledge death in its different hues, gradations and guises. An ongoing series of practice rehearsals before the opening (or is it closing?) night.

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  5. La vie se dΓ©roule comme un rΓͺve interrompu par le jour qui efface la nuit. RΓͺve Γ©veillΓ© ou rΓͺve endormi qui animent notre inconscience. Nous sommes toujours Γ  la recherche d’images enfouies dans notre subconscient

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  6. Amazing read. ❀
    What made this poem so beautiful is your choice of instances of explaining how life and death go hand-in-hand. Life being a one-way journey cannot be expected to re-visit a station again which it has left far behind.

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      1. Thanks you Anushka.
        It really has been a pleasure for me to read you. I write of what is in my heart, the feeling that moves me and the thoughts that come from the depths of my soul.
        Hopes what you understand me… my English not good jajaja. Help me with the traductor.
        Big hug for you and happy new year 2017

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      2. I understand you totally and I love this effort of yours little more than the others. I believe you are a sweet soul.
        Sending smiles and hugs your way.
        Keep smiling always. You are a soothing soul in a not so perfect world. 😊😊

        Love, Anushka!

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      3. Thanks you dear Anushka.

        I share my thoughts and feelings in my way that is imperfect and full of love. I love to read and thank you for having found you.
        I send a hug with one smile special. 😊⭐

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