Like The Moon Through My Window.

Like those partially
Wet leaves
After the first rain
Of the monsoon.

Like those peaceful
nap between
the last minute of the last exam
And the first match
after the exam in the evening.

Like those sensation of
fingers almost touched
While exchanging the

Like those contentment of
Taking sips of water
from the same glass.

Like those lectures
Getting cancelled
At the last minute.

Like the anticipation
Of first love in the high school
that could
Never be expressed.

Like that half Moon
Visible through my window
That soothes my life
But never touched.

Same is my love.Ā 

Incomplete, yet so Fulfilling.
Complicated, yet so Simple.
Never Enough, yet so plenty of them.

Feelings will fade
Over the period of time,
For that is how the
Universe works.

But like those gone days
Of our pious Childhood,
Your name too is a part of
My mind and my soul.
It won’t be seen

But will always exist in self.


27 thoughts on “Like The Moon Through My Window.

    1. I don’t know where would I generally be landing to, had I not known some faces across the globe through blogosphere who never miss a chance to get smiles to my face through plain simple comments. Have a blessed year to the sweet couple and the kids. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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