In Love – Just Like That!

Miracles. Magic. 
Song of the life.

Joys. Smiles. 
Under No surveillance.

A complying Love. 
A Soft music 
coming out of everything 
you see.

Soft folds 
of unseen arms around us.

You know you are in Love. 
And you know 
you are in Love 
with everything you see.

Everything you listen to.
Everything you talk about 
is a melody 
cherished from ages.

Even the annoying faces 
look beautiful.
When people honking behind 
your vehicle 
in a long, stagnated traffic 
is a music 
and the over crowded 
public buses 
passing by in parallel lane 
is a soothing scenery.

You know these 
twisted smiles 
when you know you have 
an over flowing 
love inside you 
and you don't seem 
to be in love 
with a particular thing 
or place 
or the person 
But with the whole universe 
around you.

From the unmeasurable 
sea of emotions, 
I pick thousands of words 
and write poems 
for those 
who don't belong to me. 

Because nothing ever 
empties me.
Nothing takes away 
The song
The Magic
The Music
from me!

The Harmony in the universe.
Forever in Love:
Just like that!

13 thoughts on “In Love – Just Like That!

  1. I need to work on this. I’ve been very pessimistic lately surrounded by negative people sucking the life out of me. I need to spend more time falling in love with life and the world again. Thank you for the reminder. 💙


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