Escapes The Dark And The Fall!

I have been troubled quite often by the things that I can not change, those I could not change. 

I was pushed to the edge quite often and my breaking point was eagerly waited to be seen. I escaped the fall. 

I have been totally damaged in the situations which others comfortably called as tiny speed maintenance bumps across the road. 

There always came a time when I had to challenge my own breaking points. Knowing the fact that I have been the first few drops of rain for those who loved the rainy days and I was the first ray of Sun for those who loved a bright sunny day, I pulled myself off the edge.

Perseverance of love, like those of the first rays of the Sun, drills through the clouds of fear and failure, brightens up the life to newer possibilities.

Somewhere in that part of the lives where mostly are willing to die and rest are not willing to live, I want to keep myself going, wrapped myself with the shield of love and self-care, finding myself the new words to express the untold stories of love and survival that many dreams of and and very few get to listen about.

Finding myself the words that provides the warmth of first few rays of the sun to many people out there like me who doesn’t want to stay forever in a cold, dark night.


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