Life: A Tale Of Beginnings And Closures.

Quivering voice.

Anxious and sobbing.
Shivering hands.
Shortened breathing.
He had fears. He had doubts. 

He was just eight and thoughts of moving to a boarding school tomorrow was frightening.

But that’s how he started. He had no option. He had to face his fears. He had to defy them. He had to be through them sometimes and another times he had to let fear pass through him. Only way to clear the air of his doubts was to make a start. 

That’s how we make life worth living. We are all scared of few things. Not everyone says it off. It gets more tough when anticipation of how hard it is going to be restricts us from making a start.

Start the toughest journey. Start the most straight forward conversation. Start to walk alone. Start to restart. It takes those few moments of concrete decision and courage and then start the hell of it. It all starts from marking a beginning. 

So I was going through some old conversations with one of my dear friend. He fed this whole new idea of ‘tomorrow is a new day’ into my mind.

Never I could get this idea decoded better than in past few months or years rather. Tomorrow – it marks a new beginning and at the same time it marks a closure too.

Something didn’t work out. You could not finish a book that you found little less interesting. You couldn’t join the salsa classes you wanted to join. You couldn’t not make it last with her. Alright! You did something for it? 

Yes? Still you could not make it. Close it. Let it be. 

Closure is a whole sentence in itself. A complete phase. An idea. A new beginning. Closure is a necessity sometimes and no necessity knows the laws and rules. Just shut it off. Let her go. Let few ideas go unimplemented. Let few dreams go unfulfilled. 

Chasing can be dangerous. Closure might ease the life.

Make a serene beginning and a peaceful closure and let life happen between today and tomorrow – every single day.


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