A Friend Of Mind!

3 AM. A week day.

Me: Can I call?

Him: *Sees the text. Calls within 45 seconds of the text sent.*

Later we realize we didn’t talk even once in the weeks.

We fight. We argue. We disagree.

Like two opposite walls, we bang and we both get damaged. But like those perfect, well-made sportsmen, we forward hands to each other in total dignity, we both help each other get up, we both apologize.

A friend of mind. An invisible entity. One who is not there physically, still is always there, no matter what hour of the day or night it is. 

A relationship where minds are intimate and not the bodies. A relationship where mind knows the mind. A relationship where criticism is the sapiosexual affair.

A friend of mind, one who scatters ruthlessly the pieces of your current state of life and reassmembles them into something more meaningful in the hardest ways possible.

They loved. They cared. They both still care. 

They say; “comrades who did serve the same unit shares the strongest of Bonds.” I believe the people who together fought a battle standing by each other, they share a connection that can not easily be erased or removed. 

A friend who tells you the things practically. A friend who makes you believe that no scum can be cleaned without we willing to get ourselves dirty. A friend who reads you even before you write a word. There are soulmates and then there are mind-palace mates. They see you getting lost in the maze, they watch you losing and then appears out of nowhere to help you cross the maze in the eleventh hour. They are the protective umbrella that our mind needs to survive the traumatic disposition of  visual and virtual realities.

There are friends who *texts* you to congratulate you on your big days or for your success. And then there are friends who gives you a *call* to scare the hell out of you for your lamest mistakes or misunderstandings. We always keep those who care to give us a call with their words of curses closer to us.

A friend of mind – like an insignia – they leave their inprints in your lives. They walk the uneven roads with you. They might not love you. They for sure care for you. 


7 thoughts on “A Friend Of Mind!

  1. Very true…Those who share common objectives, common struggles, their bonding is all together on a different level, maybe those are the Karmic relationships, that are bound to teach us lessons in life.I believe all such relationships have certain purpose, we just don’t meet people by chance..😊

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  2. Well, I suppose there are things we can only share with friends of mind. These are people who we can choose unlike our direct family. I can understand what you mean, and we all need friends of mind, sometimes friends of soul , sometimes people whose critiques we can accept without feeling upset or put down. Sometimes we need people who can bring in clarity in matters which seem to be overwhelming. Everything is visible better from the distance, so that’s where a friend of mind can help a lot.
    My art blog is the primary blog, unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow secondary blogs to be as visible as primary, so my other blog which deals with life matters and some writing is https://inesepogalifeschool.com/

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