Forever Flying!

The Mind and the Soul
Like that of a Bird
Which grows it's wings big
Every time it tries 
falling off the edge.
Which holds the world
Inside it's wings.
Which desires to fly
Up to the zenith
And it hopes 
to keep it's eyes
Into the Nadir.
It doesn't fear 
the Autumn
And the leafless trees.
It does not fear the storms
And the burning sun.
It holds it's faith into
It's wings
and flies.
It flies 
not to avoid 
the obstacles,
But it flies towards them,
It faces the hurdles
And passes through them 
every time.
It Flies because it knows
'Sky is the limit'
And the night is still young.

23 thoughts on “Forever Flying!

    1. Hey Lynn, It has been a while I got a feedback from you. I am glad you found this write up worthy enough to have left your shadows on the post as a beautiful comment. Thank You so much. I never find my life easy, but I always find a way through all the hurdles. Sometimes the theory of elimination helps and other times, I face it and pass through it. Have a great day ahead. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      – Anushka


    1. Thank You, Mick! I was going through your Site. And I loved every bit of it. I simply loved the way you have put up about your life in “About Me” Section.
      It was little hard for me to believe that you are a 72 years aged young. Oh yes, your writings are so beautifully created and humored. I love your energy level, maybe because of your Army background. Or maybe that is a state of mind you have been successfully managed all this years. I get your blog posts are way more inspiring. I would love to see the place of Lincoln someday.

      Keep well and stay happy.
      – Anushka

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      1. Hi Anushka,
        Blowing my own trumpet I know, but there is a lot more I could I could add, to that about page. Active service in Cyprus, scary, sad, and at the same time interesting. Just a teaser for now but maybe one day I’ll elaborate.

        Mentally I don’t worry about my age, sadly though my body keeps me up to date.

        Lincoln City is an amazing place, especially for naturalists with regards to wetland habitats, the City centre being no exception.

        As for my writing’s, I do derive a great deal of pleasure from it, and of course it pleases me when other folk get pleasure from it too.

        Anushka, a beautiful name
        Nigh, beyond, takes me on a journey
        Understanding names, there meanings
        Searching, finding, grace and favour
        Heartfelt emotions, empathy love
        Kaleidoscope of colourful goodness
        Anushka thank you for your kindness

        Best wishes, take care – Mick


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