Let’s be an Art!

From now onwards, I aspire:

To be more of a Classic Music 
than a person, 
singing myself to all of those 
who care to listen.
To be more of a Classic Story 
than a person, 
reading myself to all of those 
who care to listen.

To be more of a Classic Movie 
than a person, 
playing myself to all of those 
who care to watch.

To be more of a Rising Sun 
than a person, 
shining to all of those 
who care to embrace themselves 
with my light.

To be more of an Art 
than a person, 
mastering myself to all of those 
who do aspire like I do.

22 thoughts on “Let’s be an Art!

  1. Is there a common ground between lofty thoughts in your poetry and avowed hedonism? Probably you straddle both worlds, and, one hopes, successfully at that. I enjoyed your words and images here and in the poem about flying higher. Thanks very much, Anushka, for liking my offerings and thereby connecting me with your world of fancy. Best…

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    1. Hello Sir, Hope you are doing great. I must thank you for each words you have written in your utmost kindness.
      There might not necessarily be a common ground between the poems I write and the stated Hedonism. But both of them do define me or somehow my observations. I have recently written a post on my way of Hedonism, I would really appreciate if you could spare some time and have a look into it.
      I am glad to have connected with you here. Your comment did make me to think and I’m thankful to you for the same. Looking forward to read more of your’s writings. Keep well. 😊

      – Anushka


  2. Reminds of this Lawrence poem, hope you don’t mind.

    Trust – Poem by David Herbert Lawrence
    Oh we’ve got to trust
    one another again
    in some essentials.

    Not the narrow little
    bargaining trust
    that says: I’m for you
    if you’ll be for me. –

    But a bigger trust,
    a trust of the sun
    that does not bother
    about moth and rust,
    and we see it shining
    in one another.

    Oh don’t you trust me,
    don’t burden me
    with your life and affairs; don’t
    thrust me
    into your cares.

    But I think you may trust
    the sun in me
    that glows with just
    as much glow as you see
    in me, and no more.

    But if it warms
    your heart’s quick core
    why then trust it, it forms
    one faithfulness more.

    And be, oh be
    a sun to me,
    not a weary, insistent

    but a sun that shines
    and goes dark, but shines
    again and entwines
    with the sunshine in me

    till we both of us
    are more glorious
    and more sunny.

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