The Story Must Begin!

She is a Magician. 
He is the Magic.
She is the Light. 
He is the Music. 
She is an Art. 
He is an Art Admirer.
She spoke her thoughts. 
He listened like a kid 
with wide eyes.
To him, 
her eyes were 
the complete universe.
To her, 
his presence was 
a total halcyon.
She examined the spaces 
between his fingers, 
to be held so tight 
and perfectly filled with her's. 
He sang the perfect lullaby, 
the calming music for her soul. 
The perfect curves of her soul, 
his perfect resting place. 
They met by chance.
Loved by choice.
Killed by the universe. 
But in some parallel universe, 
They are still fighting,
lips locked on a bed.

10 thoughts on “The Story Must Begin!

  1. Very well indeed are a good writer, and can be a decent songwriter as well!..😊, reminds me of these lines of an old song..
    कभी सुख कभी दुख, यही ज़िंदगी हैं
    ये पतझड़ का मौसम घड़ी दो घड़ी हैं

    भले तेज कितना, हवा का हो झोंका
    मगर अपने मन में तू रख ये भरोसा

    जो बिछड़े सफ़र में तुझे फिर मिलेंगे..

    Keep it up 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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