Life Sorted.

As I drifted to sleep last night,
Soon I was into the land of
Huts and the sheep.
And my subconscious crafted 
the most beautiful Picturesque.

I saw him, the one I knew.
He wore a light coloured trouser
And black shoes with narrow toes.
The collar button
Of his bronze-colored shirt
Was neatly buttoned.
A long coat
and wore a tall bowler hat.
With royal etiquette I called upon him –

“Its supper time, Milord.”

I wore a tight-knitted blouse
That ended till my waist.
Long brown skirt
With gloves so black.
Feathers of my brown hat
Tangled with my wavy hair.

He waved to me in agreement
While he housed the sheep 
into the barn.
Together we moved inside
Our yellow-lit hut.


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