Cages Of Care

Those days when you feel consumed and broken because you have been quite safely put into a shell of care and nourishment.

I am not sure how many of us really feel this disturbed when we are taken care of for a longer time by someone.

I feel easily trapped and helpless when I am cared for. Cared for a longer time. It gives me the sense of dependencies. They put me into a cage. A cage where I might be safe but not free. 

I want to face the troubles, the bullets, the fire and the thunderstorms.

To feel Self protected and self dependent which is followed by the Sense of freedom to experience the survival fighting the battle of all kind of energies around me.

This fear of cage of care sometimes makes me feel inhuman and weird about myself but I have very decently accepted it as a part of my personality and wear this weirdness as wings on my shoulders. 


14 thoughts on “Cages Of Care

  1. Oui, la dépendance médicale est comme une prison ou l’on dépend complètement des autres. plus que la dépendance physique c’est la dépendance morale qui fait mal. Descente aux enfers qu’on voit à travers le regard de l’autre posé sur nous.
    bonne soirée;

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