More than a tribute.

In the times when quality of contentment were inappropriate, and a life that witnesses and amuses itself with perfect balances in the universe, crumbled on the edge. You, amidst those turmoil of emotions, somehow made me to believe that what lies inside a man is the balance in literal sense, that is infinite, that is awakening. With few dialects and euphonious notes, that soul of your’s has woven most comforting blanket for the nights when my soul stood naked confronting the realities. Most of the times miracles we are looking for lies either inside us or passes us by like a dust in the air – unnoticed and judged. Thank you for making me believe in those miracles. On some days the only relief is the awareness that I existed, breathed and lived in the same time when a soul, a magic like you co-existed, on same planet.

Thank you, Imtiaz Ali! 💕


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