I’m the road.

But what if I’m not a traveler?

Not a wanderer,

But the road instead?

Musty, Muddy and damped

When it rains.

Parched, Withered and burning

In the summers.

Decorated in the Autumn.

Hidden and silent

When it snows.

One road – different shades.


6 thoughts on “I’m the road.

  1. If you are the road then people use you to get somewhere, but you are neither guiding them, nor leading them. You’re the road, you do your thing, they’re the travellers, they do their thing, and you are always free to change with your seasons – the travellers must adapt.

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  2. Some decades ago, in my youth, after moving from the West Coast (USA) where I grew up to the East Coast where I have lived for the past 30 years, I took a large map (of the USA) and tore it up. I reconstructed it without regard of the location of the pieces of paper, other than that they generally formed the outline of the North American continent. I then hunted out the various locations which I had lived or travelled to, finding where they were in their new locations on my map. I contemplated travel, location, and sense of identity. Obviously, the “road” between locations was much more convuluted in my map.

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