Soul Lessons


There is no finish line.
Nothing ever really ends until the death.
However, what we mostly tend to forget while fighting our sufferings
hard is that the moment our mind is ready to focus less on these
griefs and hurts, they gradually cease to exist in our lives.
They just start to fade.

It is a misconception if we believe that we can work our ways away
from all the things that did hurt or still does.
But we can always gently move them to the backseat.

Not forcibly but eventually
we always have to come down to a point in our lives
where we are confronted to make choices for
Choices – not only of –
what to eat
what to dress yourself in
what to study
what to visit
but, also the choice of how to go about feeling about something.

We can not pretend like we don’t have a heart to protect it
from breaking
but we can always pretend like the circumstances, that decided
the course of our lives, has changed and we no longer obligate ourselves
to respond to it when it knocks on our shoulder from the backseat.

Pic Courtesy: @risfloat



14 thoughts on “Soul Lessons

  1. My way is not to discuss the problem, but to put it aside. Overnight, as they say, “sleep one night on it”, the next morning my brain presents the solution and then I align my actions.
    I’m never faced with the same problem from the back seat.

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  2. The head protects the heart and the heart guides the head. The memories fade when the heart testifies that it feels safe. The only risk is for it to hide itself, for then it never learns to trust in its witness to the virtues found in others.

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