Birthday Notes To A Soul-Sister


Do not struggle.
Not inside your head.
Not inside your heart.

Listen to the words
that your heart is speaking

when your mind is silent and
when the world is critiquing.

Do not let the critic,
who do not mean a penny 
and who you do not see
or to who
you do not owe,
what your heart should want.
A heart wants what it wants.

You don’t want to impress them.
Not to them
you want to prove
your worthiness.
Not until you see
how they add a real value
to your existence.
Till then, outdistance.

May you always pursue 
which makes your heart
fulfilled and happy.

May you work hard
to pay your bills

but may your bills be
for the things that you
want to do,
you want to see,
and want to become.

Pic Courtesy: My dearest friend, Anna!

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