Nourishing Inward!

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So I was going through the Twitter news as soon as I was awake this morning and was kind of narrating the same to my husband who was not even completely awake yet.
He shooed me away saying that he was not ready for this negativity early in the morning.
I, at that moment, reckoned that it was more of a reality than a negativity but later it kept me wondering for sure.
There is so much depression outside. There is fear, there is hatred. Then there is judgment and denial. They are all lurking and waiting for you to come outside and visit them and, you know, the moment you are there checking on them, they will get hold of your clutch in no time. If you are not strong enough, you will let it destroy your soul, savor on it and you will be reduced to a moral fillet, not knowing anymore what is right.
To save your sanity in this immensely, continuously going insane world is to find something that takes you for a ride inside. People will come and tell you how indifferent you seem to be with whatever is going on around you, but you don’t have to get into that trap. You can’t change a thing because things have moved beyond the control long back. All you need to do in a world that is constantly testing your threshold is to nourish and make your internal beautiful. Write songs, water your plants, make art, talk to the ones who matter, drink lots of water and watch good movies but do not, for a minute, believe that opening yourself up in the world will leave your heart and soul harmless.
A step back is a step in and inside is as important as outside, in fact most important, however, underrated.

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12 thoughts on “Nourishing Inward!

  1. Well well with so much negativity around we do get sucked in and spoil our day. Yes what you say is very true we need to learn to go inwards which is the only way to protect, maintain and restore our sanity.
    Thanks Anne for sharing your thoughts.
    With good wishes 💐

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  2. In questo momento viviamo dentro la negatività che noi stessi abbiamo creato. Ma se nel nostro cuore c’è spazio per amoare, sorridere, per la tenerezza, la gioia….non ci arrendiamo, c’è sempre la luce dopo il buio.

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