The Woman Behind The Words


Welcome To My Blog.

I am Anushka Mishra, with (almost monotonous) experience in the Financial Services. Professionally, I do play with the numbers. The real me is more passionate about theΒ words, for they have the tendency to keep you spellbound for the infinite time to come.

I write because I don’t feel much expressive in actions. I have an urge to speak up whatever comes to my mind and the heart.
I believe in capturing the beauty of one’s life in the words before the memories fade away. At the same time, I have an inclination towards writing the absolute dark truths about life and it’s functioning.

All the contents of my blog are solely based on my imagination or personal experiences. Any resemblance to anybody’s life or experience will be a mere co-incidence.

Do leave theΒ mark as precious feedback.
Happy Stay at My Site and Happy Reading !

208 thoughts on “The Woman Behind The Words

  1. Hi Anushka Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures.Very interested in all things paranormal conspiracy theories and observing life! Some are based on elements of truth other poems my imagination! Writing is a passion that keeps me alive and sane! Great to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  2. I LOVE that description: I have an almost MONOTONOUS experience with numbers – what a wonderful way to put it. Almost monogamous then too :). Great picture of you as well. Thanks for following my blog, I look forward to seeing more of yours. Poli

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  3. Hi Anushka, you have some interesting nuggets to share. Would like you to share some special ones.

    I nominate you for the 3 days 3 quotes challenge,
    Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you (that’s not mandatory). 4.Inform the nominees.

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    1. Pleasure. 😊
      Words not only help us document our experience and imaginations but they also set us free. As there could be many unexpressed – suppressed feelings. Once we write about those feelings, our mind and heart is set free. 😊😊


  4. Thank you for all those notifications…I felt like shot by a SMG!
    I hope, you read them all and all those posts might help you in your UnifinishedBusiness!
    Glad to meet you, Anushka!

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  5. Hi, there….Truly here….thank you for discovering me….it led me to you. What a poetic and gifted writer you are. I can tell I am going to love reading what you have to share…you have a wonderful way with words. Thank you for following me…I am following you πŸ™‚

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    1. Pleasure is mine ! And true to the words, when you mix the reality which you have experienced with your imagination, you end up writing something which reader could relate and is beautiful too.

      Love, Anushka.

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