They Left Us Homeless.

With every single leaf
That fell down
From the Tree
In the Autumn,
A Bird moved
One step closer
To Homelessness.

29 thoughts on “They Left Us Homeless.

  1. I like it. In your last line, “to the homelessness” the “the” is redundant. The line would normally read simply, “to homelessness” Always interesting when a human anthropomorphize’s non-human life. The bird of course, and unlike humans, wears its home, basically. Under normal natural conditions where man does not create chaos and destruction, animals, birds, insects, are never homeless as such. The environment is their home, something we’ve lost, and which incidentally your sharp and short poem brings to light, whether you meant to or not.

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    • Hi Sha’Tara! Appreciate your thoughts on my short poem. I have tried picturing a Human through the Bird, A particular phase through Autumn and the departure/demise of a person as loss of leaf from the tree.
      When you’re around a person to whom you think you belonged, they appeared to be a home for your soul and then one day they do leave us. They depart (willingly or unwillingly).
      You feel homeless, not like forever but for a period of time, at least.
      Thanks for that ‘the’ part. It’s rectified now. 😊😊


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