Thoughts Marathon

april 27th

The world out there is in deathlike silence,
there is no pretentious chaos and haste
and I can barely shut my ears and eyes
to the planet of thoughts inside my head.

Stay in there but stay low –
you – like a maddening sound of taiko.

I reckon there is no running away,
there is no hiding out,
but can there be no pause,
no break-outs, no respite?
Do they not run on electricity?
Is there no load-shedding?
These millions of tiny,
hyperactive thoughts!
Do they never run low on battery?
Ain’t they ever sleepy?

So, I thought yesterday
when the Sun will set,
I will take these covert
voices in confide,
take them with me
to shower,
bargain with their pride.

These non-dying thoughts,
their consistent buzzing,
they will float free
in the hot shower
or will just sink.
But in either cases:
It will free the soul-bird
from the cage,
and put at rest the thoughts
that otherwise would pierce
my lungs with rage.



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